Short Story

Pingu the Penguin

Pingu the penguin was a happy penguin. He lived day and day with all of his friends, finding fish and bringing them back to the nesting ground for everyone. One day when he was waddling off to the shore to get some fish, he noticed that where the shore usually is, there was ice. He ran back to his nest and asked around. “Why is the water covered with ice?” he asked an elder. “Well,” replied the elder, “every ten years this area of the land gets colder than usual. This causes the water to freeze over,” “But where will we get fish?” asked Pingu impatiently. “In order to get to the sea, you must travel for days and days,” finished the elder. From then on Pingu was determined to reach the sea shore and get fish for the nesting ground. He gathered up all of his friends and they stocked up their bellies with what the food that they had left, and they set off on an adventure. They traveled for several days and were finally able to reach the sea shore. Everyone started to fish and together Pingu and his friends caught enough fish for all of the penguins in the nesting grounds. They loaded the fish onto their sleds and started back home. When Pingu and his friends got back everyone was so happy that they once again had fish to eat. They made a giant feast and everyone got  full to the brim, and they lived happily ever after.

Penguin pushes his friend in the water